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Inground Fiberglass Pools Kansas City 101

Inground fiberglass swimming pools are a great way to bring your family and friends together, to create new memories, and to enjoy the Kansas City summer. With a variety of reasons to get a pool installed, you may have many questions about fiberglass pools. In this blog, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about fiberglass inground pools throughout the Kansas City area because we understand you may want to fully understand what’s involved with everything before you feel like you can enjoy a new pool. 

How much do fiberglass inground pools cost in Kansas City?

Fiberglass pools are made with a durable and cost-effective material, lasting up to 30 years with proper maintenance. Inground shells start at $25,000 in Kansas City, but the price will vary by shape and size. For instance, if you opt for a smaller pool with a standard shape and design, you may be able to reduce the cost compared to a large fiberglass pool. Talk to a professional for a quote!

How long does it take to install an inground fiberglass pool?

We know you’re excited about having your very own pool, so we work hard so you can enjoy your swimming pool ASAP. The time to dig and install the inground fiberglass pool will vary depending on the size of the pool, but Stonebridge installs pools in 3-6 weeks on average. 

Are fiberglass pools good in Kansas City?

Fiberglass pools are extremely durable and are made with flexible materials, meaning the fiberglass material does not crack as easily as other pool materials. Even in cold weather, which Kansas City and most of the Midwest see during the winter, inground fiberglass pools tend to have a long lifespan, making them a great swimming pool material for homeowners in Kansas City!

What kind of maintenance do fiberglass pools need?

Homeowners want to know the pros and cons of having a pool, and while many love the idea of having a pool to jump into with friends and family, some are overwhelmed with the thought of pool maintenance. In general, fiberglass pools require less maintenance than other types of pools, including concrete pools and vinyl-lined pools. With fiberglass maintenance, you’ll need to clean any dirt and leaves from the pool as often as needed, but the more difficult maintenance is keeping the pool chemicals in balance. So aside from minor maintenance, you can enjoy a fiberglass pool with little effort.

Will you install an inground fiberglass pool with tanning ledge?

Yes, our expert pool installers will be able to bring your dream fiberglass pool with a tanning ledge to your yard. We’ll work with your outdoor space and tanning ledge designs so you only have to think about how you’ll use the sunbathing ledge. Contact us for pool tanning ledge details! 

Can I get a small inground fiberglass pool?

No problem! Small inground fiberglass pools usually mean a cheaper cost to install the pool but are also a great option for those who have smaller outdoor areas. Smaller fiberglass pools are sometimes known as cocktail pools and are no more than 12 feet by 14 feet in size. Common shapes for small pools are rectangles and squares, but there are other shapes if you want something with more style. Get something truly personal for your outdoor space and contact us to learn more about the small pool options!

Can I get an inground fiberglass pool with a hot tub?

Our professional pool installers will install a pool and discuss hot tub options, so you get to enjoy every aspect of being a homeowner with a pool and hot tub. Our expert team will work with you and your pool design dreams so they can create the perfect pool shape and hot tub size to fit your outdoor area. We’ll do everything with the installation process of your outdoor spa area so all you have to do is anticipate the relaxation of your pool and hot tub.

How deep are inground fiberglass pools?

Inground fiberglass pools are typically between 3.5 feet and 6.5 feet deep. If you want a deeper pool, or you have little kiddos and want something more shallow, Stonebridge will listen to your needs to create a pool plan that satisfies all your needs and wants! 

Fiberglass Pool Installation in Kansas City

You may have already decided to get an inground fiberglass pool but had a few outstanding questions. If you have questions about your outdoor space, why not have our team come out to take a look and provide a quote? Contact us today to start the process of getting your dream pool before next summer strolls around. Our team of professional pool installers will answer any questions you have about the design of your pool, the timeline, and special request features.