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Inground Pool Costs In Kansas City

If you’re starting to consider installing an inground pool, your first question may be “How much does it cost to build an inground pool in Kansas City?”. Because we offer a large range of pools, the price varies on the type of pool style, pool size, pool landscaping, and hardscaping around the pool. However, here are a few details about the costs of inground pools and the variety of customizable options.

Throughout Kansas City, the popular types of inground pools are freeform pools and modern pools. While we have a unique pricing model that varies greatly depending on the type of material and design, we’ll break down the rough estimated costs of each of these pool materials and styles to help you make a better-informed decision. 

Pool Material Costs

Fiberglass Inground Pool Cost

Fiberglass pools are durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Fiberglass pools are more cost-effective than other pool materials and generally last 30 years with proper maintenance. At Stonebridge Outdoor, our installation costs for fiberglass pools start at $60,000 – $80,000 and vary depending on shape, size, and preferred equipment. Fiberglass spas start as low as $25,000. Not to worry about pricing, Stonebridge Outdoor is excited to announce that we are now both your local pool installers and financing company. Each pool is unique, so be sure to talk with a specialist to get a quote for installation and pool financing options. 

Other common pool types such as concrete and gunite can have a similar lifespan to fiberglass pools but come with an increase in maintenance and upkeep cost. Gunite interiors will often require resurfacing or repair which can become costly. If you are looking for a beautiful pool that’s easy to maintain, consider a fiberglass pool. Contact us to start designing your swimming pool and get a fiberglass pool quote!

Benefits Of Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are a common type of backyard pool, installation can often be completed quickly, as pool installers have become efficient with this process. Not only is the installation process generally completed quickly, but the maintenance process is simple, letting you spend your time enjoying your pool instead of cleaning the pool. Fiberglass pools have a non-porous surface which makes maintenance and chemical balancing much easier from a home-owners perspective. 

Pool Shapes & Designs Cost

Once you have decided what material you want your pool to be, you can choose variations of the pool that can further adjust the final price of your pool.

How Much Is A Freeform Inground Pool?

Freeform pools are typically organic shaped pools with soft curves and features.  Stonebridge offers a variety of styles, sizes, depths, and colors to create the perfect outdoor oasis. Because freeform pools are typically fully inground, the cost is greater than a semi-inground pool. 

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How Much Is A Modern Inground Pool?

When you want a backyard that’s functional and beautiful, a modern inground pool may be exactly what you are looking for. Modern inground pools tend to be in rectangle shapes, and infinity pool designs. These modern pool shapes offer an elegant design and living space for your backyard while giving you and your family an area to bond and have fun together. Modern pools offer functional features to make your life easier. Rectangular shapes offer the ability to incorporate an automatic cover which provides a major benefit in the safety and maintenance of your outdoor space. Whether you need a zero-entry pool for the safety of little ones, luxurious infinity pools, or spa and fountain features, Stonebridge Outdoor can give you the modern pool design you dream about.

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How Much Is Inground Pool Landscaping?

At Stonebridge, we not only install pools in Kansas City, but we also can design and install your outdoor living space with custom pool landscaping and hardscaping. We’re the one-stop shop for all your pool and landscaping dreams, meaning you get the whole project finished in less time plus our professional designers curate the space to reflect your style creating a backyard oasis of your dreams. We also offer landscape lighting around the pool to set the perfect ambiance. We can incorporate custom lighting, landscaping, and hardscaping to provide everything you ever wanted for your outdoor space.

For a quote on landscaping around your pool, contact us today! Regardless if you already have your dream pool, we offer pool landscaping for new and existing pools.

Why Choose Stonebridge To Install An Inground Pool?

At Stonebridge, our priority is offering quality services to homeowners throughout Kansas City. We know the process for installation can be full of questions, but we take the time to ensure all your questions are answered and that you feel comfortable with the entire process. Our entire team, from those out in the field to those in the office, is determined to serve our community with our hard work. Contact us for a quote on the pool you’ve dreamed of for years!