Jonathan Willard December 13, 2021


September 18

Landscaping stepping stones

What do you love about Autumn?

Cooler weather? Football?  Vibrant fall colors?

We bet a lot of you answered “all of the above!”

One thing we always do in the fall is replace summer annual beds with beautiful, cool weather-loving annuals, including ornamental kale, happy pansies, and the true showgirl of fall, pincushion mums! We were curious about what our customers like, so we asked our Facebook followers about their favorite colors of mums.

One commenter gave us a great idea! Craig Folkers answered that his favorite color of fall mums is purple to honor his favorite team, K-State.

That got our creative juices flowing. What about rolling some fall favorites into a beautiful, colorful landscape to show your favorite team’s colors? Here are some ideas:

GO CHIEFS!chiefs-flowers
Declare your allegiance to Kansas City’s home team with a display of sunny yellow mums paired with red mums, or bordered with lower-growing red pansies.

HEY, WILDCATS!kstate-flowers
You’re in luck, there are many purple options out there for a K-State themed fall flower bed. Mums come in several shades of purple, as do pansies. But don’t stop there, ornamental kale also comes in all colors, including white and purple.

WHOO HOO!! MIZZOU!!!mizzou-flowers
OK, MU, you may be thinking you’re out of luck. But you’re not! Black flowers are a little harder to come by, but pansies are one flower that can be found in almost any color – including black. Pair black pansies with bright yellow mums, and place some gold-toned gourds in your landscape to show your tiger spirit.

ku-flowersOh, Jayhawks, don’t despair. Once again, we owe it to the pansies for providing vibrant blue options for your fall plantings. Again, choose vibrant red mums or crimson pansies, and you’ll have yourself a KU garden!

Whether you’re a “do it yourselfer” or you call Stonebridge to come out and spruce up your fall flower beds, consider choosing colors to cheer on your favorite teams – with class!